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Return From the Grave

2013-02-13 01:49:05 by vcrock

Hello, beautiful people.

I have returned from a several year hiatus. However, unlike my previous activity, I will no longer be working with audio. Instead, I will be focusing my attention on graphic art, attempting to improve and refine my skill, as well as get some feedback on some character concepts. I'll be uploading two final songs that have been on my hard drive for several years. With those, I'll be retiring from my music submissions, uploading only drawings and animations from here on out. I hope you enjoy them!

-Mr. Crenshaw

Voice Acting!!

2008-03-31 03:58:27 by vcrock

I'm currently open for voice acting if anyone is interested. I can do most male and even some female voices(with the computer...not naturally...that would be just weird...). I'm also pretty good at most Sonic characters. I'll let you decide though. Samples upon request. When you ask for samples, however, I'd appreciate it if you would describe what you're looking for(e.g. type and personalities of characters you'd like to hear demos of). Reason being: I record and edit the audio clips for a personalized demo everytime someone asks for it. I'm just an awesome guy like that. :D

My first post.

2007-08-01 03:07:00 by vcrock

This is my first post on my news post. I'm really lovin' Newgrounds' new layout. Anyhoo, I've decided I'm going to start making my own original music and kinda steer away from video game music resampling/remixing. It's not quite as fun, and original is a WHOLE lot more fulfilling. I'm also working on a flash game(among other things). I hope I can get them out soon.